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General Management

Building a great business demands smooth collaboration. Managers keep our productivity flowing. As part of PayPal’s General Management team, you’ll inspire and challenge your colleagues while working with cross-functional teams and external partners to advance strategic goals.

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Corporate Development & Strategy

Do you see both the big picture and the tiniest, most granular details? As part of PayPal’s Corporate Development & Strategy team, you’ll apply your skills to drive growth on a massive scale. From devising strategic goals and vetting new opportunities to crafting financial models and closing deals, you’ll advance PayPal’s business imperatives—and help give rise to a new global economy.

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“We have a large addressable market for PayPal to play in... We have an enormous runway and opportunity in front of us.”

Dan Schulman, CEO

Facilities, Safety & Security

When your goal is to reshape the global economy, not just any workspace will cut it. As part of our Facilities, Safety & Security team, you’ll create a workspace that keeps innovation flowing, makes colleagues welcome and safe, and ensures PayPal is a great place to work and thrive.

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Administrative Support

You’ll play an important role in keeping everything together at PayPal. You're detail-oriented, highly organized, enjoy working with technology and a whiz at multitasking. Leverage your passion for fostering relationships across the company, while ensuring everything runs smoothly for many teams and leaders.

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