Trust, Safety, & Fraud

Want to guarantee that tomorrow’s global economy is safer, simpler, and more powerful than today’s? On PayPal’s Trust, Safety, & Fraud team, you’ll work with world-class analysts and engineers to protect users, eradicate fraud, and create commerce that knows no borders.

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Risk Management

Growing PayPal’s global reach requires a mix of bold moves and careful strategies. On our Risk Management team, you’ll develop world-leading methods to analyze capital investment, margin expansion, and loss targets — all while finding new ways to keep PayPal users delighted, secure, and engaged.

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To delight and expand a worldwide user base, the PayPal Compliance team develops innovative solutions to regulatory and technological challenges. As part of the team, you’ll use your passion for regulatory efficiency and technical innovation to affect positive change on a global scale.

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"We take trust very seriously. It's our brand. We have to decide in a couple of hundred milliseconds what action to take on a transaction."

Dr. Hui Wang

Senior Director of Risk Sciences