Great news! We are excited to offer you the role and welcome you into the PayPal family!
What should you expect as next steps?

The Onboarding Process

Our goal at PayPal is to set our new hires up for success through an end-to-end consistent, yet customizable onboarding experience. We have created a 1-year onboarding journey to help you immerse yourself into PayPal life. The purpose of this is to:

  • Facilitate a smooth integration for you into PayPal’s culture and tools.
  • Build your base understanding of PayPal’s organizational structure, values, strategy, products and business metrics.
  • Help you build key relationships for future success.
  • Develop clear understanding of your role and ensure goals and personal development planning.
  • Provide you with a base structure for support (feedback, coaching, networking, etc.).

Immerse new hires into PayPal culture

  • Our vision and mission, and how their job aligns
  • Core values and expected behaviors
  • Foundational knowledge of our business and how PayPal makes money

Connects new hires to one another, their team and the broader PayPal community

  • Forums for discussion and Q&A
  • Onboarding Buddy
  • Resources to build PayPal network

Equips new hires with fundamental support and resource

  • Predictable journey with key milestones and associated activities
  • Wellness and Total Rewards resources
  • Navigation of our internal tool

We welcome you to the PayPal family
and cannot wait to see your success!

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