PayPal’s India Tech & Operations Centers

PayPal has invested in setting up three world-class software development and operations centers in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, which employ Product, Technology, Analytics, and Operations specialists building products, solutions and services for PayPal’s global customer base.

The India technology centers are the largest for PayPal outside of the US. The employees in the India center work on building PayPal’s state-of-the-art payments platform, working on distributed computing, cloud, mobile, user experiences, artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, and more in providing cutting-edge digital payments solutions to PayPal’s customers worldwide, the India centers are integral to driving PayPal’s transformation.

GCS India Operations team is an extension of the broader PayPal Global Customer Services (GCS), works 24/7 to provide world-class messaging and email services to over 429 million active accounts. With strong focus on delivering world class services, the team continues to build on our customers’ effortless experience journey.

The Risk team enables PayPal’s commitment to combat financial crimes around the world, including sanctions enforcement. Through a global network of best-in-class investigators and specialized teams dedicated to the development and implementation of strategic policies, advanced analytics, robust reporting cutting-edge technology, and high level of employee engagement, these teams are committed to protecting customers and Paypal from financial losses and regulatory breaches.

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Nurturing innovation

PayPal launched two ‘Innovation Labs’ at their technology centers in Chennai and Bengaluru. The lab supports projects in the fields of Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, IoT, Penetration Testing, Software Defined Radios and Wireless ommunication, VR/AR, Computer Vision and basic Robotics. With a focus on three core areas – productivity, innovation, and education, this facility serves as a space to build and refine new and advanced technology in addition to creating a forum to engage employees and share new ideas that can further be polished.

Reducing the gender gap

The importance of a diverse workforce goes back to our diverse customer base. We are committed to reducing the gender gap and bringing women technologists to the forefront.

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Make an impact in the local community.

PayPal is committed to building and nurturing strong communities around us. Passionate employees come together once a year to volunteer their technology and business skills to help improve the local community. The Chennai and Bangalore offices hold “Opportunity Hack” a 36-hour long hackathon to develop technology solutions to solve day-to-day problems experiences by the non-profits.

Keeping you and your family first.

Health benefits to support you and your family.

The wellness of employees and their families is our key priority. We offer best-in-class insurance plans and access to renowned specialists that provide healthy living plans and onsite check-ups. We organize an annual health checkup camp for all our employees.

Reset and recharge

Taking time off is essential to your personal well-being and professional success. In addition to our Time Off program, we offer four weeks of paid sabbatical for every five years of service. We cannot wait to hear your sabbatical story!

Enjoy a flexible work environment

PayPal aims to help its employees perform their jobs in the most productive work environment possible. At times, specific jobs or tasks may be productively accomplished through the use of flexible work arrangements. We fully support this and empower employees to work where they work best.

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