The PayPal University experience is designed to provide hands-on industry experience to students in all fields. We believe anyone has the potential to contribute to PayPal’s global mission of democratizing financial services for all. Through guest speakers, networking events, and projects pushed through to production, interns have the opportunity to explore their interests and make real-world impact.

“This page was created by PayPal interns for you! We aimed to create a space to educate and welcome incoming interns to the PayPal team.”

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Summer 2022 Interns

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Intern checklist

  • Get to know your team
  • Setup routine meetings with your manager
  • Check out office facilities
  • Participate in company sponsored hackathons
  • Join volunteer opportunities
  • Attend company events

Frequently asked questions

What positions are available for interns?

To see the full list of internship opportunities offered, click the relevant region of interest:





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When will the internship be?

Visit the North America PayPal University Site to see the most current internship schedule and for last year’s internship timeline. Our upcoming India summer internship program will be from May to August 2023. Our upcoming Singapore internships start from 2023 H2 and will be for 20-24 weeks. Our upcoming China Summer Internships start from June to Aug 2023. Our EMEA Internships are as follows: UK: 12 months, beginning July 2023. Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain: 6 months, beginning July 2023. Germany: 6 months, beginning April 2023. Sweden: 6 months, beginning August 2023. Israel: 2 years +, beginning February & August 2023.

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Will the internship be in person?

At PayPal, we believe in life-work integration and therefore support our interns through our Virtual Flex model, which means that all interns have the flexibility to work between their home and in an office with the support of their manager.

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Will we receive a company provided laptop and/or other supporting equipment?

Interns receive a standard technology bundle which will include all equipment needed to perform their best work. This includes a company laptop and other assets/working equipment.

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What training opportunities are offered for interns?

PayPal’s Global Intern Program integrates interns into PayPal’s culture by introducing our core values of inclusion, wellness, innovation, and collaboration from day one and throughout the intern experience. Interns are able to grow through targeted learning and career pathing sessions, 1:1 mentorship, meaningful project work, and intern networking events. Some events our interns can look forward to include the Executive Speaker Series with PayPal’s CEO and other members of senior leadership team, PayPal’s Global Intern Day of Impact where interns worldwide give back to their local communities, enterprise hackathons, and our PayPal Intern Day celebration!

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How many hours are interns expected to work?

All North America, India, and APAC summer interns are expected to work 40 hours a week, unless otherwise stated. Internships in EMEA vary by country and interns should contact the relevant team for more information.

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Who should I contact for more information?

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