The PayPal University experience is designed to provide hands-on industry experience to students in all fields. We believe anyone has the potential to contribute to PayPal’s global mission of democratizing financial services for all. Through guest speakers, networking events, and projects pushed through to production, interns have the opportunity to explore their interests and make real-world impact.

“This page was created by PayPal interns for you! We aimed to create a space to educate and welcome incoming interns to the PayPal team.”

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Summer 2022 Interns

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Intern checklist

  • Get to know your team
  • Setup routine meetings with your manager
  • Checkout office facilities
  • Participate in company sponsored hackathons
  • Join volunteer opportunities
  • Attend company events

Frequently asked questions

What positions are available for interns?

Click here to visit the Jobs tab on the PayPal North America University Site for the full list of internship roles offered of more information. Please click here to learn more about EMEA opportunities. India offers Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and Product Management internship positions. Singapore and China offers Software Engineering and Information Security internships. To learn more about internships in APAC please click here.

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When will the internship be?

Visit the North America PayPal University Site to see the most current internship schedule and for last year’s internship timeline. Our upcoming India summer internship program will be from May to August 2023. Our upcoming Singapore internships start from 2023 H2 and will be for 20-24 weeks. Our upcoming China Summer Internships start from June to Aug 2023. Our EMEA Internships are as follows: UK: 12 months, beginning July 2023. Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain: 6 months, beginning July 2023. Germany: 6 months, beginning April 2023. Sweden: 6 months, beginning August 2023. Israel: 2 years +, beginning February & August 2023.

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Will the internship be in person?

For North America the upcoming summer internship model is currently TBD, please check the North America PayPal University Site for the most updated announcements. We have EMEA internship opportunities located across Ireland, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden. Our EMEA, India, and APAC internship model is Flexible Hybrid, which means that all interns have the flexibility to work between their home and the office with the support of their manager.

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Does PayPal provide corporate housing and relocation?

In North America, housing and/or temprary relocation assistance may be available under certian circumstances, please check the North America PayPal University Site for the most updated announcements. India internship programs will provide 10 days of initial accommodation and flight tickets. In China and India we have decided to offer a one-time cash bonus (INR 1 Lakh for India) to support the intern with the flexible hybrid work model. Housing, relocation assistance, and work visa sponsorship is not available for EMEA and APAC at this time.

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Will we recieve company assets?

Subject to the needs of the particular internship position, we currently anticpate that North American interns will receive a company laptop, monitor, and computer peripheral. All EMEA, India, and APAC interns are provided with a New Hire Kit, including IT assets.

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What training opportunities are offered for interns?

Check the Global Intern Event Calendar above for university led workshops, presentations on the fin-tech industry and soft skills, classes from our learning and development team, and various self-service classes. All EMEA interns are required to complete a New Hire Orientation and personalized Onboarding & Training Plan as part of the internship onboarding process. EMEA interns also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of global and local mini-projects, Executive Speaker Sessions, Leadership Power Networking Opportunities, Community Impact Discussions, Employee Resource Group Sessions, and many more events. All India interns go through the New Hire Orientation, TechTalk Series, PayPal Product Series, Ideathon, Leadership Series based on Leadership Capabilities, SoftSkill Workshop and access to our learning management system with on-demand trainings. Singapore & China prepares for interns New Hire Orientation, TechTalk Series, PayPal Product Series, along with Softskill Workshops.

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How many hours are interns expected to work?

Internships in EMEA will vary by country and interns should contact the relevant team for more information. All North America, India, and APAC summer interns will be expected to work 40 hours a week, unless otherwise stated.

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