It’s a match!

We would like to invite you for an interview. Here is what you should expect:

Our recruiters will first contact you over the phone and discuss the position and your experience. If your skills and experience are the right fit for what we are looking for, and what you are looking for, we then schedule a series of interviews with different peers and stakeholders. This is also your opportunity to get to know PayPal culture and the team you are interviewing for. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to better understand the environment, the role, and challenges.

We are currently interviewing virtually. Here are a few tips that can help you with virtual interviews.

The virtual interview

Our goal is to provide the best candidate experience possible. We want you to feel comfortable and confident going into your interview. Preparation will ensure you gather all the information you need about the job, feel assured in answering questions, and be present in the moment.  

Wherever possible, we’ll send you names and focus areas for a best-informed conversation.    

We use Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings. Your calendar invite will include a link to a Teams invitation.  You’ll also find a backup phone number that you can use in case of any technical issues. If you have any questions regarding interview set-up, please reach out to your Recruiting Coordinator or Recruiting Partner. 

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Interview tips

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Give technology a test run

You have enough to focus on during that interview without worrying about whether you'll have to deal with any tech hiccups.

  • Take some time to check everything is working beforehand. 
  • Make sure you’re set up on Teams for your virtual meeting, your signal strength is adequate, and both camera and microphone work. Preferred browsers for Teams are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. 
  • We recommend connecting to the meeting a few minutes early. 
  • If you experience technical difficulties during your interview, close out of Teams and rejoin. 
  • If you are still unable to connect, make sure you email or call your recruiting contact immediately. 
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Set the scene for success

Create a relaxed space where you and the interviewer can talk.

  • Find a spot that is well-lit and free of distractions 
  • Make sure to mute your phone and silence any notifications on your computer 
  • Dress appropriately. Keep it professional, but know we have a relaxed dress code 
  • We prefer to conduct interviews with cameras on.  If you have concerns, please let your Recruiting Partner or Coordination partner know. 
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The virtual interview

We understand that many people are not used to video conferencing and may find it hard to adjust. You might feel uncomfortable being on camera or talking to your computer. We will try to do our best to allow you time to adapt and to create an environment where you can feel comfortable.

  • Greet the interviewer with enthusiasm.
  • Take note of your body language and make sure it is open and friendly.
  • During the interview, focus your attention on the interviewer.
  • When idle, nod and smile to show you are listening and engaged.
  • Speak clearly and be engaged. You might need to raise your voice slightly if the connection quality is not high.
  • Technical glitches can still occur. Don’t hesitate to tell your interviewer and ask them to repeat what they were saying
  • Feel free to ask clarifying questions.

Your interview checklist


Before the interview


During the interview

  • Make sure you sell yourself.
  • Be specific and give a detailed account for each competency.
  • Vary your examples, as much as possible, try not to make them from only one job.
  • Be honest. No need to embellish or omit any part of your answers.
  • Bring your authentic self. We want to get to know you.


After the interview

  • Send a thank you email to your interviewer(s).
  • Be patient, our robust hiring process does take some time.

Offer and onboarding

Once you have completed all interviews, your recruiter will reach out to discuss next steps. If the team moves forward with an offer, your recruiter will provide that information and discuss how to proceed with the background check and onboarding.

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Offer & onboarding

Once you have completed all interviews, your recruiter will reach out to discuss next steps. If the team moves forward with an offer, your recruiter will provide that information and discuss how to proceed with the background check and onboarding.

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Frequently asked questions

If for whatever reason you do not make it to another round during the recruitment process, the below FAQ will help you to navigate what happens next.

Can I apply again to the same role?

Unfortunately, candidates can only apply to the same position one time. When applying to a new role, if you are unsure if it is the same position, please compare the req ID numbers of each, they will start with an R00.

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Will you reconsider my application?

If you have any questions about your application after a rejection, we are more than happy to pass your questions or an updated resume to the recruiter for them to review. We cannot guarantee that all applications will be reconsidered.

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Will I get an email updating me I was rejected?

Once the recruiter dispositions your application you will receive an email stating we are no longer moving forward with your application.

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What happens to my resume/CV? How can I request that my resume be deleted?

Your resume/CV is on file with us and follows all guidelines of the PayPal Privacy Policy. If you wish to have your application data deleted, you can submit a request with us via your Candidate Home dashboard in Workday, email or contact us at +1-855-489-0343 option 6. In Workday, click on the link to the right regarding deleting your profile. Please include your full name listed on the application and the req ID for the position you applied, it will start with an R00, on your request.

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